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The Market Unity Law (Law 20/2013, of December 9th) establishes basic principles and standards that guarantee the market unity along the whole country, through a better regulation, to create the most favourable environment to competition and investment.

For this reason, the law defines a model for strengthening cooperation and collaboration between the State, Autonomous Communities and Local Entities, creating the Market Unity Council that has as objective to follow-up on the implementation of the content of the Law.

The law contains mechanisms for the protection of economic operators in the area of the free movement of goods and services and freedom of establishment. It contains two types of procedures, an administrative appeal - article 26,- as an alternative to the Spanish administrative appeal system in those situations in which the market unity is broken by Public Administrations´ actions and an information process -article 28,- as an agile solution to remove obstacles and barriers to the market unity pointed out by economic operators and consumers.

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The Secretariat of the Market Unity Council (SECUM)

Both procedures have to be filed with the Secretariat that has the responsibility to process and finalise them according to the content of the Law.

  • In the case of the administrative appeal - article 26 - the filing should always be initiated by an economic operator or an association on its behalf.
  • However, in the case of an information process - article 28 - the filing can be initiated by any economic operator, consumer, service user, or their representative associations.

The Secretariat is the technical body of assistance of the Market Unity Council, dependent of the State Secretariat for Economy and Business Support.

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Administrative appeal -article 26-.

Article 26 of the Law provides for a mechanism, alternative to the Spanish administrative appeal System, by which economic operators can assert their rights and legitimate interests related to the free movement of goods and services and freedom of establishment, obtaining a final pronouncement of the competent authority on the matter.

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I wont to report

Information process -article 28-

Article 28 of the Law provides for a procedure by which any economic operator or consumer can report obstacles or barriers to the free movement of goods and services and freedom of establishment at any time.

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